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About P&B

Since 2014, the journal publishes original scientific and professional papers in the field of the cross-sectional area of justice and security. The journal follows the same publisher issued magazine Periodica Academica since 2006. The papers are received on an ongoing basis and accepted on the basis of peer review and editorial board decision. The editorial office only accepts papers which have not yet been published and written in the text editor MS Word2003-2016 or Writer. Papers follow a template and the recommended length is 10 to 20 pages. The reviewing process is realized in the form of "Double-blind peer review". is anonymously reviewed by at least 2 peers who are not employees of the publisher. The reviewer does not know the name of the author and the author cannot find out the name of the reviewer. The review template list of the members of the editorial board as well as technical instructions are available on the webpage of the journal.

ISSN 2336-5323. 
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Thematic focus of the journal

Constitutional law

Administrative law

Protection of population

Criminal law



Crisis management